Industrial Services


If you have a big mess on your hands, let us provide you with big solutions. From pre-demolition hazardous waste clearing, to deconstruction and recycling of massive structures, we can handle all your environmental and demolition needs.

We combine a century of professional experience, industrial capacity, and resources for heavy equipment and skilled labor with a commitment to safety, quality, and environmental stewardship.

If you need a reliable partner for the big and tough jobs, contact us today, and experience the VenTerra difference.

The VenTERRA difference


We coordinate all your environmental, demolition, and recycling needs so you do not have to.

This amounts to significant cost savings, a seamless workflow, and a significant reduction in complications, redundancies, and work stoppages.

We are dedicated to helping you stay on time and on budget. Please visit our DEMOLITION page to see a list of our heavy equipment and capabilities.