Fire Debris Removal

VenTERRA Environmental provides Fire Debris Removal services throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Often, we travel throughout California for Commercial, Industrial and Public Works Projects.

Fire debris removal, tragically, has become a specialty of ours.  From complete interior guts, all the way to foundation-out demolitions under the most exacting environmental standards, we have extensive experience in every size, scope and scale of project.

VenTERRA Environmental is Department of Occupational Safety and Health Licensed Contractor. VenTERRA employees obtain Comprehensive Environmental Resource Training for EPA-AHERA/ OSHA Asbestos Supervisor or Asbestos Worker Certifications.

Our team, from the management to the crew, do this type of workday in and day out. It is just about all we know. We spend countless hours engineering the perfect method to safely remove and dispose the threat of asbestos from your property.

We have created a streamlined process that will allow the homeowner to be in control of what happens on their property while also providing all necessary documents to the local jurisdictions. Let’s face it, it is nice to be able to hire an independent contractor rather than a controlled government contractor to work on your property. We were asked numerous times if we could do it throughout the years and we finally said yes, we can. We devoted months and months, working days and nights, to accomplish what today is a streamlined process.

The protocols for California namesake fires often include extensive “Work Plan” submissions to the governing municipality. These include, among other things, site mapping, overhead drone pictures, utility mapping, debris and soil testing, a detailed description of how the work will be performed, where the waste will be transported and many other elements.  They often require the use of HAZWOPER trained personnel, personal protective equipment, measures to prevent dust migration, foundation removals and even soil removals with soil clearance testing.  And this is barely scratching the surface of the requirements.

This work is performed under very strict guidelines, the “close-out” packages for the “completion certificate” can be voluminous, with some exceeding 100 pages in length, and even the “completion certificate” has to be approved before the property owner can proceed further.  Everything that the Work Plan said we would do has to be proven with waste characterizations, dump receipts, clearance testing reports and many other things.

We do all this process for you so you can “Breathe Easy” during this very difficult and tragic time.

Fire Debris Removal

VenTERRA Provides:

  • Site Mapping/ Aerial Drone Pre-Debris Removal Images
  • Utility Mapping
  • Debris and Soil Testing Coordination
  • Work Plan Submittals
  • Work Plan Approvals
  • Labor, Equipment and Materials to perform Debris Removal
  • Post Debris Removal Soil Testing Coordination
  • Aerial Drone Post Debris Removal Images
  • Waste Receipts
  • Close Out Package Submittals
  • Close Out Package Approvals
  • Completion Certificates